Final Paper Submission Information

  1. All accepted final papers must be submitted electronically, accompanied with conference digest file, E-Copyright, poster file(for authors with poster presentation only), and optional video clip. The final paper submission deadline and the author registration deadline are October 27, 2008.

  2. Each accepted paper is limited to six (6) pages in the standard IEEE conference double-column format. Authors may upload longer manuscripts up to a maximum of eight (8) pages in total. However, each page in excess of six will incur an over-length fee for each additional page.

  3. Please make sure that all the fonts (including those in the figures/pictures/tables/equations) are embedded in your paper's PDF file. Instructions on how to use IEEE PDF eXpress Robio 2008 account to make and check the IEEE Xplore PDF compliant files are given below on this page.

  4. By accepting your paper, we request that you or your co-author register for IEEE Robio 2008 conference and present your paper at the conference. The paper without author's registration will not be included in the conference program and CD Proceedings. One Paper is limited to each registered participant with the second paper fee charged at US$300.

    The authors' registration (for authors who need to submit their final version papers ) is due at the same time of final paper submission on October 27, 2008. If you or your co-author cannot register or present the paper at the conference, please inform us immediately.

  5. If you prefect present your paper in the Poster Presentation, we can change it to poster sessions in the conference program. Please be informed that poster session is the same as oral presentation, the manuscript will be included in the conference proceedings and will be indexed by IEEE Xplore and EI index. We will provide poster printing service and our volunteer will help to post your poster in the sessions. The author or co-author is necessary to present the paper in the scheduled time.

    If you wish the poster presentation, please email the conference Program Co-Chair, Yangmin Li( and should prepare and upload a 1-page A1 size poster PDF file.

Final Submission Steps:

Final paper on-line electronic submission consists of

  1. An IEEE Xplore Compliant PDF file (maximum file size is limited to 5MB);

  2. A single-page digest PowerPoint file for inclusion in the IEEE Robio 2008 Program Digest;

  3. Submit Completed IEEE E-Copyright form via PaperPlaza system by clicking "Transfer Copyright" in "Choose an option" ;

  4. (Poster Presentation) A single-page PDF file of poster in A1 size;

  5. (Option) Video Clip file.


Please follow the following steps to submit your final paper:

Step I: You should go through your paper review comments and suggestions carefully and revise your paper accordingly.

Step II: Check your paper format, make sure that it strictly follows the IEEE conference Two-Column format.

IEEE conference two-column format margin settings:

- Paper Size: Letter size, (8.5x11.0)in or (21.59x27.94)cm

- Top margin: 0.75in or 1.9cm

- Left margin: 0.625in or 1.59cm

- Right margin: 0.625in or 1.59cm

- Bottom margin: 1.0in or 2.54cm

- Text width: 7.25in or 18.41cm

- Text height: 9.25in or 23.5cm

- Column width: 3.5in or 8.89cm

- Column gap: 0.25in or 0.635cm

IEEE conference two-column format font size settings:

- Font recommendation: Times New Roman or Arial
- Title: 22pt

- Author List: 11pt

- Section Titles: 10pt

- Regular Text: 10pt

- Table/Figure captions: 8pt

- Sub-scripts: 8pt

- Sub-Sub-scripts: 7pt

- Footnotes: 8pt

Download paper template in Word, in LaTex, or in PDF.

REMINDER: Authors are responsible for submitting their paper in the required format. All paper PDF files submitted will be published as submitted by the Authors. The Conference is NOT responsible for editing or correcting any format errors in the papers.

Step III: The PDF file of each paper must be checked and passed by the IEEE PDF eXpress service. This is mandatory for the compatibility of all manuscripts to be included in IEEE Xplore.

IEEE PDF eXpress account for IEEE Robio 2008:


IEEE PDF Test can be performed at:

Conference ID: ROBIO 2008


If you prepare the PDF file by YOURSELF, use Adobe Acrobat or other software tools to convert your manuscript to PDF with all the fonts embedded and subsetted. AFTER the conversion, the PDF file MUST be checked and passed by the IEEE PDF Test.

Alternatively, you can use IEEE PDF eXpress service to convert your source file to IEEE Xplore compliant PDF file. 

IEEE PDF eXpress is a free service to IEEE conferences, allowing their authors to make IEEE Xplore-compatible PDFs (Conversion function) or to check PDFs that authors have made themselves for IEEE Xplore compatibility (PDF Check function).

It is important to note that submitting a file to IEEE PDF eXpress is only for creation of a compliant PDF file, you must still submit your final paper through IEEE Robio 2008 website.

Step IV:The authors of a submitted paper must prepare a single-page digest PowerPoint file for inclusion in the IEEE Robio 2008 Program Digest to be distributed to all registered participants of the IEEE Robio 2008 conference. The Program Digest includes general information and the complete technical program with each paper presented in a PowerPoint slide window, summarizing each paper within all the technical sessions.

To prepare the single-page PPT file, please use the PPT template and follow the instructions given therein. The Program Digest will be printed in full color, color pictures and illustrations are highly encouraged. Please have your one-page digest PPT file ready for upload when accessing the final submission page.

Download the Digest PPT file template.

Step V: For the authors who wish their papers to be presented in Poster Session, Upload 1 page poster file in PDF format. The poster should be in A1 size, and resolution of figures, images in the poster should no less than 150dpi, recommend 300dpi or more. The template file of Poster is in PPT format, authors need to upload PDF file finally.

Three templates with different background ground are avaliable. Please select one for your poster.


Download the Poster PPT file template: Template in Blue, Template in Green, Template in Brown.

Please follow the requests of font size is the poster sample: Sample of Poster.

Step VI: When making the final submission and filling in the on-line paper information, please pay attention to the following:

- The first letter of the word in title of paper must be in capital. Such as: New Approach to Nano Sensor....

- The The first letter of the word in Last Name and First Name of the authors must be in capital and should not be abbreviated. Required information for each authors must be completed on-line. 

- Please spell all authors' names in ASCII code. Don't use European code and 2-byte code.

Such as: Leou (acceptable), Leo'u (not acceptable).

Step VII: If you are ready for final paper and video submission, click below

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